On beauty standards
NOV 17, 2022
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Trigger warning: fat-shaming, depression, anorexia, suicide, eating disorders, body dysmorphia

We’re very excited to drop our first video ever! (For our audience listening to this in audio format... please check out our Youtube so that all of the jokes make sense). Recording and editing videos is a whole other skill set for us, and we’re only learning. We acknowledge the lack of fancy effects and if you’re wondering whether your internet connection is unstable, rest assured that it’s our video quality, not your connection… Minh Trang’s macbook is 5 years old and couldn’t handle rendering a higher resolution version of the video.

Anyway, here we are. In this episode, we talk about beauty standards and our experience with the negative impacts that they have on people, especially women. This episode required us to be very open and vulnerable, which is kinda scary for us to put it out there. However, we had a lot of fun doing it, and we hope you’ll find this episode enjoyable, or even useful.

If you have any comments, please let us know below!

Thank you and we appreciate you.


MT & Zoey

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/j0kNjzG1W68