Looking back at our roaring 20s
E SEP 24, 2022
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Our first English episode! Zoey and MT looking back on their 20s, and talking about career development, personal finances, a controversial attempt to make money during COVID, emotional maturity, parents, and friendships. If you’re in your 20s right now, you probably can relate. We apologize for the uneven volume, we haven’t really figured out this fancy micro yet (despite having to record so many times to get this right…) Editing was hell for us, so we hope you enjoy this episode! (3 episodes in and we’re already considering using substances to make recording more smoothly… We actually used a substance during this episode. You’ll know what it was near the end.) Resources for people seeking mental health support in Vietnam:https://www.oucru.org/caring-for-mental-health-and-wellbeing-a-directory-of-services-for-vietnamese-communities-and-people-living-in-vietnam/

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