Is the Cloud Safe? Reducing Business Risk While Securing the Advantages – A Conversation with Tim McAdam of TCV and Hitesh Sheth, CEO of Vectra
NOV 11, 2019
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Nearly half of current infrastructure-as-a-service enterprise users are running production applications on public cloud infrastructure. Yet security seems to be an afterthought, or simply assumed because the major cloud providers are tech heavyweights Amazon, Google and Microsoft. But recent breaches prove that sophisticated attackers can penetrate the cloud and do serious damage, including blemishing corporate brands. So enterprises must ensure that their their own security stack is properly architected for the cloud.  In this podcast, TCV’s Tim McAdam and Vectra CEO Hitesh Sheth talk about what it takes to reduce business risk in the cloud, keep enterprises and consumers secure, and still capitalize on the tremendous opportunities the cloud offers.