From Entrepreneur to Investor and Back Again: A Founder’s Journey to Virtual Design Pioneer
FEB 25, 2020
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Shanna Tellerman is a two-time Founder and CEO. Her current company, Modsy, is a virtual interior design service that provides 3D photorealistic renderings of a user’s home space, supplies design expertise to furnish it beautifully, and makes everything in the design available for purchase – all on the same website. In this Growth Journeys podcast, Shanna traces her evolution from math-loving fine arts major to entrepreneur by way of 3D technology and venture investing at Google. Tina Hoang-To, Executive Vice President at TCV, also has both CEO and venture experience, so this lively conversation is filled with lessons about founding and leading businesses, raising capital, scaling a team, integrating technology and design, and forging a successful partnership with investors.