Evolving from SaaS to Marketplace -- Key Lessons for Tech Leaders: A Conversation with Brian Rothenberg of Defy Partners, Former VP & GM at Eventbrite, and John Burke, EVP at TCV
OCT 28, 2019
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The SaaS model is now enabling SMB and vertical SaaS companies to evolve from tool companies to market makers. When they reach a critical mass of service providers using their platforms, these pioneering companies can leverage data and mindshare advantages to create demand for the services they enable. Such two-sided marketplaces generate powerful network effects, a deeper moat, and a significantly larger TAM. In this conversation, Brian Rothenberg, former VP of growth at Eventbrite, explains the steps and structures necessary to accomplish this strategic transformation and reach scale. He also offers priceless tips on timing and managing relationships with original SaaS clients, to gain and sustain the most powerful network effects.