An Audacious Mission: How Clio’s Goal of Accessible Justice is Transforming the Legal Software Industry, Helping Its Customers Scale and Changing How Lawyers Conduct Business
SEP 20, 2021
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Scaling a company can sometimes feel like a high-speed dash to the top, making it easy to prioritize activities that yield immediate growth. But it can also take time to educate the industries that a company is transforming with tech, and even more time to build trust with prospective customers. In this episode of Growth Journeys, Clio CEO and founder Jack Newton shares the slow and steady strategy Clio took to win market leadership in the legal tech industry with TCV principal and Clio board member Amol Halekar. Key takeaways include investing in market education and community building, and using a robust partnership strategy to build a moat around your business. Amol and Jack also discuss how Clio maintained investor excitement to continue fundraising later rounds, and the importance of mission for customers, partners, and employees.